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Piercing Shops Can Take Your Body Art Far Beyond Your Ears

Most people's first encounter with piercing shops involves getting pierced ears. These are popular piercings and have been for years. Because of this, they are a "safe bet" when it comes to public perception. Typically, the earlobes are where these piercings are made. Earlobes aren't as sensitive as many other possible piercing targets, which is another reason they are typically the entry-level location.

Upon getting a bit older, some people start thinking of getting pierced in other, more daring, locations. The nose, the eyebrows, and the belly button are some of the most popular spots for these next-level piercings. For these, it's important to find piercing shops with plenty of experience in non-ear body art. This not only helps to ensure the proper look, but to avoid medical complications.

An addition of this sort is typically called body piercing. Usually, it is done in a place that's visible to the public, which means that it can be taken to daring levels. However, it can also be surprisingly low-key. The difference lies in which studs are chosen to fill the piercing holes. A small jewel brings a tasteful look, while big spiky studs scream "look at me" while also giving a far different impression of the wearer.

Some body piercing sites are only visible at certain times, and others are even more private. A belly button piercing only shows when the wearer exposes her or his belly. Body art in places that are even more private may only be seen by the wearer's significant other.

With all of these possibilities, it's important to find the right piercer. In Raleigh, check out Mad Ethel's Tattoo and Body Piercing.

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