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Booking Policy
Please be sure to do your shopping around first. We will only give refunds in the event of extreme circumstances or through a fault of our own. 
When you are ready to book your appointment, you will need to leave a non-refundable down payment of $100 for a single session, or $80 per session booked if booking multiple sessions.  All deposit money will go toward the cost of your tattoo. Deposit will be rolled over to each subsequent appointment, and will be deducted in its entirety from the cost of your last appointment. If you fail to give adequate notice of intent to reschedule an appointment, or fail to show up for an appointment, the amount of the deposit for that session will be deducted from your deposit total.
Large pieces will need multiple appointments. 

In regards to placing a deposit on a standing wait list for a guest artist:
- Your down payment will remain intact and will be carried over to your appointment date when we get official dates from an artist. This saves time booking appointments tentatively and having to move them again if dates are a few days different than originally anticipated. Our guest artists have a waiting list prior to arriving and tend to book up quickly, so if you are not willing to wait for dates, do not put down a deposit as it is non-refundable. There are times where we may have a time frame from an artist, but there are circumstances where they are delayed in their travels. We will not take a deposit if an artist is not going to be guaranteed to return. We will reach out to you when we get official dates once you are placed on an artists' wait list with a deposit.

Canceling or rescheduling your appointment with more than 72 hours notice:
- Your down payment will remain intact and will be carried over to your new appointment date. 
- We will do our best to get you back into the schedule on the soonest available opening. If there are no openings, the appointment will be made on the next available opening when your respective artist's calendar has availability and you will be put on our cancellation list for anything that opens up sooner.
Canceling or rescheduling your appointment with less than 72 hours notice:
- Will result in a deduction of the minimum down payment amount reflecting the amount of sessions booked which will go to compensate your artist for their time, and another deposit of $100 will be required to continue your appointment. If you have multiple appointments, the appropriate deposit amount will need to be taken to cover those slots.
- Your make-up appointment will be rescheduled at the back of the artist's calendar when there are openings available.
**If the cancellation or schedule change was made on our end, your deposit will remain intact and we will be happy to get you back in the schedule as quickly as possible on a day that is convenient for you! 
If you do not show up for your appointment:
You will forfeit your payment, and a new payment will need to be left in order to reschedule.
If you cancel your appointment with the intent to rebook in the future:
We will hold your deposit in the back of the book for 3 months. You need to call within those 3 months to get an appointment back in the book - the actual appointment can be for any day, month or year in the future. If you do not rebook your appointment within those 3 months, we will not call you to inform you of deposit forfeiture. You are responsible for  rebooking your appointment. If you call after 3 months to rebook your appointment, we will need a new deposit to make the new appointment.
If you are a habitual rescheduler:

Please be aware that we will reschedule your appointment up to 3 times.  Our artists take their profession very seriously, and make every effort to show up to your appointment. If you cannot make it to your appointment for 4 consecutive appointment dates, your deposit will be given to your artist for their effort to rework you back into the schedule, and a new deposit will be needed in order to book your next appointment.


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