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Laser Tattoo Removal

Now You See It.... Now You Don't!

Laser Tattoo Machines have previously offered a thermal approach to removal to the public. How this works is that the laser seeks pigment in order to burn apart using heat. Since this technology seeks pigment, this means that it is s not accessible to all skin types and darker skin tones. Likewise, since the thermal method needs pigment in order to produce enough thermal heat to burn the particles, lighter ink often remains after treatment. For this reason, treatments often become increasingly aggressive in order to attack the remaining particles.

Quanta Systems now offers a new technology with their newest laser, called the Discovery Pico, which uses the newest and advanced groundbreaking technology with its Photo-Acoustic approach.

The Discover Pico laser uses energy waves to reach all the way inside the ink particles and break them up from the inside, using photo-acoustic energy waves. This means that it is safe for use on all skin types and tones, as well as being able to target dark and light ink tones.

Since this new photo-acoustic approach is safer, our laser technician here at Mad Ethel's Tattoo is able to minimize risk while maximizing your outcome. 

The result is a safer, more inclusive treatment plan, with less discomfort and faster results.

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