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Tattoo Shop

Finding a Great Tattoo Shop

Every city has plenty of tattoo shops, and all of them claim to be top-notch. How do you know which one is best for you? There are a few things to look for during your search.

First, check the basics. Be sure the shop is sanitary, and that it offers the expected amount of instruction and aftercare after someone gets a tattoo. Then, check out the reviews. A good tattoo shop should have plenty of positive commentary. Thanks to review sites, you don't even have to ask around – though if you see someone with great ink, asking where they got it done is an excellent idea.

Most tattoo shops should pass a check for basic sanitation and instruction. However, not all will have great reviews. Exclude the poor performers from any further inquiries.

Now, it's time to get more serious about choosing your tattoo shop. Now, you need to find one that has the best tattoo artist. Remember that tattoos are artworks, and that every artist has his or her own style and preferred genre. Therefore, if you see a portfolio that looks great – but is in a totally different style than the tattoo you want – it's a good idea to pass on that artist. Look for someone with a portfolio that shows plenty of skill in the style you prefer.

Finally, unless you're willing to pick from a set of preset designs, you'll want to find an artist and shop that provides custom tattoos. These are designed according to your specifications, and will hold more meaning than one that's basically generic. Custom tattoos can be any size, too.

With these tips, you should be able to find a great tattoo shop and artist for your preferred ink. For custom tattoos in Raleigh, try Mad Ethel's Tattoo and Body Piercing.

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