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Children's Ear Piercing

What are the Requirements for Children's Ear Piercing?

Every locale and shop has its own requirements for children's ear piercing. That said, any reputable piercing shop in the modern era does have some. At one that is rated the best in Raleigh, NC – Mad Ethel's Tattoo and body Piercing – there are several that must be met. This helps to ensure that the child and at least one parent are completely on board with the idea.

The first requirement is that the child be personally able to understand and request the service. Next, identification must be shown, both by the parent and the child. The last names and addresses of both people must match. Otherwise, a birth certificate must be shown to prove a relationship. An appointment is required for all children under the age of 12.

These precautions help to prevent unwanted children's ear piercing. This ensures satisfaction from both children and parents.

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