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Justin Koce


215 Glenwood Ave
(919) 322-5429

Sat 11-7
Sun 12-5
Mon 11-7
Thurs 11-7

By appointment and walks-in

Please schedule an appointment to minimize your wait time.

We have a large variety of jewelry for all of your piercing needs. If you are looking for something specific or unusual, please contact our piercing department first so we can cater to your ideas and jewelry needs!


Piercing Requirements:

Customers must be 16 years or older for all piercings, EXCEPT ears.

Customers must be 18 years of age for 

Every customer getting pierced must have a valid ID. These may include

Drivers License, Passport. or Military ID


For 1st time ear piercings, the child must be able to understand and request the service.

If he/she is not comfortable getting the service done on that day, we will turn it into a consultation, where they can choose jewelry, and schedule the piercing for a later date. 


Child be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Parent and child ID names and addresses MUST match. If parent/child last names do not match, child BIRTH CERTIFICATE WILL BE REQUIRED.

Location contains stairs

Valid child ID

- Drivers License

- Passport

- Birth Certificate

- Military ID

Valid Parent ID

- Drivers License

- Passport

- Military ID

- Birth certificate

Justin has 11 years of piercing experience, specializing in piercings all across the body art spectrum.


He prefers children be over the age of 10 for ear piercings.

Find more of his work on Instagram


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