Lilly found her calling as a piercer at a young age when she started getting her own unique piercings. Professional body piercing is something Lilly takes seriously! When it comes to placement, quality jewelry, customized aftercare and YOUR experience she spares no expense. 

Lilly really enjoys creating new body art for customers so that they can have their own remarkable piercings. She loves working with precious stones and funky body jewelry. She specializes in dermal implants and has 12 on her own body! 

She also offers a wide range of genital piercings. For complete portfolio or questions please contact us or stop by the shop!  

When she isn't working at Mad Ethels she is out and about photographing people and city-scapes or watching horror films! 

If you want to get on her good side, stop by the shop with some fresh sushi or a frappuccino!!!


All photography and

 piercings below done

 by Lilly.

                                                 For more photos/updates & Bookings:

                                                 Instagram/Snapchat & YouTube:@piercedbylilith

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