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All clients are required to provide a valid government-issued photo ID before receiving any services. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver's license, or passport. In addition, you will be required to fill out a release form at every visit, and we will attach a copy of your ID to your file to ensure accuracy and safety. All information is kept confidential.


At Mad Ethel's Tattoo, we have a strict policy when it comes to minors and body piercing. To receive a piercing, minors must be 10 years and older and accompanied by their parent or legal guardian with valid government-issued ID at every visit. We require all minors to have their own valid government-issued ID at every visit as well. Acceptable forms of ID for minors include a birth certificate, passport, driver's permit or license. If the parent or legal guardian has a different last name from the minor, a birth certificate is required. Our priority is the safety and well-being of all our clients, and we take our minors ID policy seriously. Please call us today if you have any questions regarding our minors ID policy. 

Minors ID 

At Mad Ethel's Tattoo, we require a deposit of $25 for piercing appointments on Sunday. This deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to the final cost of your piercing. Please note that we require 72-hour notice for any rescheduling. We understand that plans can change, but the deposit allows us to secure your appointment and helps us cover any costs associated with rescheduling.


10 years and up

- lobes

15 years and up

- cartlidge 

- eyebrow

- navel

- nostril

- septum (by Justin only) 

16 years and up 

- bridge

- mouth (by Ashley only)

- tongue (by Ashley only)

              Piercing Age Requirements.             

18 years and up (by Appointment Only)

- dermals

- genital

- nipples

- stretching

- large gauge piercing 


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